Engaging mobile audiences is increasingly one of the biggest challenges every marketer faces. At a time when users seem to prefer short, fun content on their phones to long reads on any other format or device, quizzes are one of the most effective ways to engage smartphone carrying visitors. Here are 6 reasons why quizzes work great for your local destination marketing program.

1. Quizzes are a great first engagement step.

It is critical that you gain the trust of your target audience, and also prove that you can provide reliable and engaing information that gives them a reason to come back.  Quizzes are a great way to begin that conversation. Once you have their attention, it is easier to keep it by following up with more quality content.

2. Quizzes are Interactive

Interactive quizzes are fun and engaging! People see quizzes as an opportunity to learn something new and then use that information to take the next step – whether that step is sharing our results or taking action to learn more, or to respond when you next send out a notification about a new quiz! Like getting exercise is a positive byproduct you get from activities like surfing or playing basketball or skiing, people appreciate learning something new as a result of a quick, fun quiz.

3. Quizzes encourage sharing

The first key to a successful mobile marketing program is to increase your user base. Quizzes are great ways to encourage your users to share your app with others. People like to share fun, and if they get a good score, they want to share that as well (like, :”think you can beat this?”).

4. Quizzes are great for introducing your town

Every town has a history, highlights, things only locals know, places you’d like to share with visitors if you were given the chance. Mobile quizzes are a fun way to share those highlights in a way that stimulates visitors to find out more. Sports like basketball, surfing or skiing let you exercise while you are having fun. Similarly, quizzes give your visitors a fun way to learn about your town while they are having fun.

5. Quizzes lead to discovery

Any quiz about a location can include questions about – or even an entire quiz theme – about local stars, like great chefs, accomplished artists, non-profit founders and the like. It is a great way to help visitors discover who are the movers and shakers in the area and entice them to visit that chef’s restaurant or volunteer at that non-profit event.

For an example of how a town elegantly uses a quiz to introduce a destination, download our Sayulita Pack app and take the 10 question quiz!