Geofence Manager

Be ready when they're passing by

Draw geofence “discovery zones” to deliver location-based offers & timely content to tourists & locals at the right time & place.

Put disvovery zones anywhere, in any shape

Draw geofences anywhere you need them – around streets, stadiums, parks, airports, even in front of your competitor, whatever makes your campaign zing! 

Keep geofence groups organized

Groups of fences can be organized by geography, category, or whatever meets your needs. You can then activate geofence campaigns quickly with the Campaign Engine.

Engage customers with location-based content that converts

Use discovery zones to promote special offers, deliver a video or a song, alert customers to upcoming events, give directions to the festival – Hipalerts gives you a lot of ways to engage users.

Geofence FAQs


Hipalerts geofencing is a location service that makes use of a virtual zone you draw on our geofencing dashboard. The zone can be a circle or a polygonal shape, and can be at any location, anyplace in the world. The zone makes use of GPS and wi-fi to trigger a response to users who enter the zone with a mobile device and a Hipalerts app. The response, or alert, can include a short notification linking to either a mobile coupon, a media post, a quiz, a map location or a 3rd party URL.

Using our Campaign Engine, you can launch either Push or Geofence campaigns. With Geofences you can target audiences based on their proximity to your business, activity or event you want to promote. Consumers who have your app on their smartphones will receive your alert. You can deliver mobile coupons, media posts, quizzes or other content as part of your notification. This helps you grow awareness of your campaign specifically with users who are most likely to be interested based on their location.

  1. Better Targeting:

By personalizing your marketing messages based on the location you can target people in the vicinity of your store or event, who by virtue of proximity are more likely to be receptive to your offer.

  1. Engagement:

Consumers are more likely to engage with your brand or service on mobile if your app provides them with relevant offers at the right time and place. 

  1. ROI:

Geofencing enables you to send offers to people who are in the vicinity of your store. This allows you to easily analyze the response and effectiveness of your campaign and makes it easy to optimize marketing efforts for better ROI.

  1. Efficiency:

Location-based marketing is highly personal and targeted which improves its efficiency significantly. By delivering specific offers to people based on their location you improve the impact that your communications create on the buyers.

5. Segmentation:

Over time you can segment groups of users based on the past behavior with your app. You can then deliver even more targeted offers to increase ROI 

6. Better Data:

Once you implement location-based marketing you get access to a lot of data that can be used to generate insights like which offers or messages are performing better, which target segment is more approachable, which locations are more suitable for expanding business etc.

Yes! It all depends on the goals of your campaign. For example, Hipalerts makes it easy to launch geofence campaigns that include mobile coupon offers, media posts, audio and/or video, mobile quizzes or just a map location. When your target customers receive the alert and tap, they receive your content, and you can track their response in your stats.

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