Drive Traffic with Timely, Contextual Engagement

HipAlerts includes a suite of web and mobile tools that make it easy to engage, inform and entertain your USERS. Deliver alerts, coupons, multimedia & joy to your users.

Launch campaigns in seconds from anywhere & any device

Create proximity campaigns in 5 quick steps. 

Engage with Geofence Discovery Zones

The Geofence Manager makes it easy to draw Geofences anywhere – around streets, stadiums, airports, even whole cities. Connect with customers by setting up geofences where they roam. Deliver timely coupons, multimedia, maps, URLs, you name it.

Offer time-limited coupons to drive traffic

Our Mobile Coupon Publisher combined with location-based targeting lets you preempt search and drive in-store traffic.

Launch a geofence, see what happens.

Be the go-to source for local happenings & travel tips

 Today’s visitors want to know what locals know. Hipalerts make it a snap to inform, promote, share, announce & keep visitors updated in real-time to deals, events, what’s special and what to do and see.

Quizzes entertain, grow leads & help discoverability

Publish beautiful mobile quizzes that stimulate interest in local culture, history and highlights.

As your users connect, analytics let you understand & predict

Track campaign alerts, opens, engagements, sessons and other data to understand the how, where and when of mobile customer behaviors.

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