Campaign Engine

Launch Targeted Push & Geofence Campaigns

Engage customers & drive traffic with targeted proximity campaigns. Use location to deliver mobile coupons, news, quizzes, & more at the right time & place.

Create campaigns from any device

Hipalerts makes it quick and easy to launch proximity campaigns in a few taps from wherever you are.

Segment your list to increase conversions

Filters let you target user segments based on their past interactions with your app. 

Flexible campaign scheduling

With proximity marketing, timing is key. Hipalerts gives you the flexibility to schedule your push alerts to go out now or some future time.

Engage customers with timely offers, news, multimedia, quizzes, more!

Promote time limited, location-based offers, deliver a video or a song, alert users to upcoming events, give directions to the festival – Hipalerts gives you a lot of ways to engage, inform & entertain your community.

Launch a proximity campaign! Ready?

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