Our story

We build simple solutions that seem obvious later

We’re a small group of publishing & tech veterans, product designers & night owl coders. We like to build products that combine clean UI with simple, intuitive features that make users smile and give customers what they want, when they want it.  

We first built the world's first iTunes-like solution for book publishers

When we first showed publishers the ebookpie bookstore a few years ago, it was the first iTunes-style bookstore to feature books and their individual chapters. Publishers were excited but admitted that, in the midst of dealing with the digital revolution, they didn’t have time to create those stand-alone chapters. So we went back, rebuilt, rebranded and launched Slicebooks, which included a set of features that made it easy for publishers to chunk content into sellable chapters & articles, or mix & match content to create custom ebooks.

Then we focused on mobile and the integration of location services with content. And Hipalerts was born.

The goal was to deliver a service destinations can use to build their own self-sustaining marketing and content services. Use proximity tech like geofencing, push and beacons in a mobile platform that can help visitors and locals discover both content and offers at the right time & place. Like a timely offer of a 2×1 margarita, a quiz about a town we’re visiting, a video or a chapter from a local author –  at the perfect moment? That’s ideal discovery. 

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